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app_style potts/am/path/test command


app_style potts/am/path/test nspins 
  • potts/am/path/test = application style name
  • nspins = number of possible spins


    app_style potts/am/path/test 1000 


    This app is used for testing input scripts associated with additive manufacturing; in particular path commands. The app parses and processes the commands listed below. Subsequently it prints information that may be useful for debugging input paths. Additional information may also be obtained by editing the source code 'app_potts_am_path_test.cpp' or the header 'app_potts_am_path_test.h' to print or process additional information. The app runs very quickly and is also useful for computing how many Monte Carlo sweeps are needed to complete the 'am path' information specified.

    The examples/am_path/cartesian_path_test directory has 8 small tests which demonstrate the use of this app. Screen and log file outputs are the main source of information generated by this app.

    The following commands are typically used by this application. A layer must be defined by using am cartesian_layer or am path_layer. A layer requires one to many am path commands or at least one am pass command.


    This application is only compatible with square and square cubic lattices.

    This application can only be evolved by a rejection KMC (rKMC) algorithm. See the sweep command for more details.

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    Default: none