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am_pattern command


am_pattern id num_layers N layer_ids l_ids z_start z_init z_increment dz 


am_pass 1 dir X distance 100.0 speed 10.0
am_transverse_pass 1 distance 65.0 increment 10
am_cartesian_layer 1 start_position 30 30 pass_id 1 transverse_pass_id 1 serpentine 0
am_cartesian_layer 2 start_position 30 30 pass_id 1 transverse_pass_id 1 serpentine 1
am_pattern 1 num_layers 2 layer_ids 1 2 z_start 0.0 z_increment 5.0 


This command is used in the potts/additive application to specify the raster pattern used in a simulation. A pattern allows for the use of multiple predefined layers.

As mentioned above, a pattern can be defined with an arbitrary number of layers. Each layer is separated by an increment in the z-elevation. Once all of the layers have been cycled through, the pattern repeats itself be cycling through the layers again and again until the simulation is completed.

The z_start value z_init should typically be <= molten zone depth for complete coverage.

The z_increment value dz should typically be <= molten zone depth for complete coverage and overlap.

The above example commands build on the example from the cartesian_layer command. Two layers are used to define a repeating raster pattern as the tool builds a 3D volume layer by layer incrementally in the spparks z coordinate direction. The first layer is added beginning with a z elevation of z=z_start=0.0. The second layer is added at an elevation of z_increment=5.0. Since the pattern only has 2 layers, it repeats layer 1 beginning at z=10.0 and layer 2 at z=15.0. The pattern continues to repeat for the duration of the simulation with each layer added incrementally above the previous layer.


This command can only be used as part of the app_style potts/additive application.

Related commands:

am_pass, am_transverse_pass, am_cartesian_layer

Default: none