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am_pass command


am_pass id dir d distance D speed V 


am_pass 1 dir X distance 100.0 speed 10.0 
am_pass 2 dir Y distance 100.0 speed 5.0 


This command is used in the potts/additive application to specify the parameters of the pass subcomponent of a raster pattern. Multiple passes can be defined in a single input file, using unique id values.

Note that the dir value specifies direction of motion and orientation of the molten pool during a pass. The pool has its own local coordinate system x,y so that the pool axis x is always oriented along dir d.

The distance value D should typically be the size of the simulation box in the xy-plane.

The example commands above define two passes, each with a different orientation and speed. The sketch below also illustrates the overpass; the pool position is always translated by the distance specfied plus an overpass increment. The overpass increment is computed as shown based upon parameters set in the app_potts_additive command.


This command can only be used as part of the app_style potts/additive application.

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am_transverse_pass, am_cartesian_layer, am_pattern

Default: none