This technical report is the best overall description of SPPARKS and its applications and algorithms. Please cite this report and the SPPARKS WWW page, if you use SPPARKS in a paper:

Crossing the Mesoscale No-Man's Land via Parallel Kinetic Monte Carlo, S. Plimpton, C. Battaile, M. Chandross, L. Holm, A. Thompson, V. Tikare, G. Wagner, E. Webb, X. Zhou, C. Garcia Cardona, A. Slepoy, Sandia report SAND2009-6226, October 2009. (abstract)

You can download the entire report via this link, but note that it is a 45 Mb file!

This paper is about a sintering application developed for SPPARKS by Cristina Garcia Cardona. Time-evolution pictures of the process the model can simlulate can be found on this page.

Parallel Simulation of 3D Sintering, C. G. Cardona, V. Tikare, S. J. Plimpton, Int J Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering, 4, 37-54 (2011). (abstract)

This paper describes the most novel KMC or event-selection algorithm in SPPARKS, a constant-time composition-rejection algorithm, whose cost to select a single event is independent of the total number of available events:

A Constant-Time Kinetic Monte Carlo Algorithm for Simulation of Large Biochemical Reaction Networks, A. Slepoy, A. P. Thompson, S. J. Plimpton, J Chem Phys, 128, 205101 (2008). (abstract)

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